Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Healthy Dose of Spring Feva

oh.... HEY! After a bit of a non-motivational month or so... I am back to spread some spring cheer. I guess the last time I checked in was before I went to Lawrence to visit the Heido's. That was a really really fun time. :) A lot has gone on since then and I'm not really sure where to begin.... so I will not. We are just going to start from right now. Starting with SPRING!

Spring makes me so so so happy. I love the way the weather can change your thoughts and mood... even spring rainy days make me happy and give me energy. I love it. Lots to look forward to. One of the things I'm looking forward to most is the motivation I'm digging up to start juicing again. Winter food is fun.... but Carb-face is not! I love the way I feel with good foods and produce in my body. Better skin, better hair, better attitude. BRING IT ON. 

This treat below comes in little packages for a daily dose. I get mine at Whole Foods.... mix with a smoothie or just drink it with water and shake it every once in a while. Crazy good for you. Enjoy!

I wish you all a very BEAUTIFUL SEASON. 


Thursday, February 9, 2012

A, C, & H WEEKEND!!! :)

June 27th 2011 our little baby lady came to us. Going to see the girls tomorrow in Lawrence and I can't hardly wait. :)

Newish Artsy Obsession

Somewhat new artsy obsession : Watercolor colored pencils. Recently, my sister asked me to design a shower invite for one of her girlfriends. The description I got was that the wedding was in a barn, decorations were very antique and romantic with soft rose colors. Sounds like a dream, ammiright? So, here is my final design... based around a not so perfect {but oh so fun!) watercolor colored pencil creation. 

step one

final product

Now go get you some - they are seriously soooo fun. And if you have photoshop you can geek out, scan it in and play around with the colors!

That is all... xx HB

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Head & the Heart

Song of the week, "Lost in My Mind" - Also, how dreamtastic is this video? Take me there now! This song has been on a mix cd that my boyfriend made me a few months ago and I just heard it on some show I was watching. I love these guys! Fantastic ear candy... {and I'd be lying if I didn't mention the eye candy! =o}

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Na Na Na Na Na


This is from one of my new favorite sweet songs called "Somebody Loved" by The Weepies. So while listening to it on repeat, I created this lil ditty.


I have a confession. I say awesome and amazing WAY TOO MUCH. I know this and I'm trying to broaden my vocabulary when words like that need to be used. It wasn't until last nights episode of " It's a Brad, Brad World" that this became a rushed task. Brad's chick assistant says either "Omg, thats amazing!" or " Omg, you look awesome!" about 100008475 times an episode and it drives me absolutely crazy!!!!!!!! So I will slowly but surely be x-ing those out unless something is absolutely AWESOME or AMAZING. 


Glass water jugs to keep fresh water. {I've seen these in some of the coolest food joints these days and just had to get my hands on some. I got them at World Market for I think $6.99 or something bonkers like that. So excited.}

Hunger Games. { I've been reading this during my lunch break. Only on page 50 and I think I've been teary the whole time. What's wrong with me?}

Bit-O-Honey. {I blame Laura Hansen for this obsession. You had these at your apt once (I think I cleaned you out of them) and now I'm addicted.}


This is my new bracelet I ordered from Coatt. I got one of these for my sister and mom for Christmas and just HAD to get one as a gift to myself. This girl designs necklaces and bracelets in morse code. They are crazy light weight, delicate, and absolutely gorgeous. Mine reads "GYE" which means "Give Yourself Entirely" - this is something that I kind of made up for myself. Sometimes it's hard to put my everything into most things for fear of losing, rejection, failure, etc. So, I keep this with me as a daily reminder {I also have it written on a canvas in my living room} because I think it's the most simple, yet greatest gift you can give to yourself and others - to be present in the moment with all your efforts focused towards whatever / whoever is currently there.  

quatro. cinco, seis! {like the song... yikes, I can't help it.}

This handsome gent and I toasted to "2 years and a little hiccup" last Friday! Happiness all around. :) xx

Have a fantabulous evening - I'll be hitting up some POWERUP YOGA tonight - gettin my yogi on and then heading home for some dinner & some HUNGER GAMES! 



Friday, January 13, 2012


Happy New Year!

I've been slacking on my personal bloggin. I blame the holidays and other people's fun blogs. I've also been a traveling gal. My most recent journey was to NYC with my boyf to go see our dear dear dear friends who just moved there. They gave us the best tour of Manhattan and we still have so much more to see --- which is precisely why we have already booked another trip to the big apple over the 4th of July. I also got to briefly hang out with a couple girlfriends from college - I'm such a lucky gal. :) On our trip there was a lot of " Well next time we have to do this" -- so, next time.... it's on! Here is a little snip of our most enjoyable trip to the Big Apple over New Years weekend.

Alrighty, so NYC was an absolute trip.... of a trip. That city made me want to become something great. It gave me an extremely fresh perspective on where hard work and passion can take you. Perfect timing eh? I hate being cliche but I'm excited for what this year is going to bring. And as far as "new years resolutions" go, I am focusing all my energy around one word, Growth. Growth in my health, my relationships, my career, etc. Nothing too crazay and definitely nothing out of reach. Bring it on. 

So, something I'm really focusing on this year is developing my own personal brand. In school I felt so much more creative and I just feel like these last few years I've just been so unmotivated to do any type of design after 6pm. No MORE. It's on. I have purchased this beautiful white glossy desk from the one and only West Elm and I am ready to get crackin and get inspired. 

I guess I was actin like a lil wacksta foo lastnight while trying to rearrange and what not. Seth said he didn't know I was so particular about stuff.... and I was like well... it's gotta look good.... hello! :)

buuuuuuuut....... I think I'm way too excited about my desk.... =o I love WE.

So at this cute shiny desk I will start creating... finding my love for creativity and design AGAIN.... in hopes that something GREAT comes from it. This might be a new venture for me... Mom Cards... has anyone heard of these? My sister asked me if I would design some for her and I was like, "a what card?" and she explained and I was like, "whoa, what a genius idea!" {that I'm SO upset I didn't come up with.} Mom's have the hardest and most exciting job of all... why shouldn't they have a pretty personal name card to give out at parties, play dates, day cares, dinners, etc. Here are a few that I came up with for my sister to fit her personal style. She ended up picking the one on top and they are being printed as I type. I can't wait to see the finished product! Yipee!

Okee Dokee, that is about all I have today. My two college friends get in town tonight and I can't hardly wait. Since we all went to school in Savannah, GA on the East Coast and now live all over the country it's really hard to see everyone... so this is a real treat and the weekend is going to be a total blast. :)

Alright Ya'll. Be good and have a JOLLY NEW YEAR!