Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Feisty / Celebrations / babes / Musicccc

Happy day to you fine folks! 

I hope everyone is in good spirits and is enjoying some fall weather. I sure am. I had a DELIGHTFUL Fall evening with one of my best girlfriends last night -- she got me tickets {for my birthday} to FEIST at this really antique/swank theater downtown. We had a total blast. Leslie Feist and the Mountain Men {who are actually woman} kicked some vocal and lyrical bootay. OBVS! It was a true combination of magical + dreamy + gorgeous + entertaining. I made a few videos... they are too big to email but I have them on the facebook. So if that interests you at all... go for it. Here is a taste. ;) 

Literally a dollop of a taste. Ugh. You get the idea though.

I also have some adorably cute new photos of my baby niece. SURSLY cannot get enough. I love her sooo sooo mucho. This first photo is so jazzy its ridiculous... I want those pants... I wonder where her mama got them... {sister?!?!} This next photo is of her and her daddy - also just too too cute. {Brett, I obviously took this from your facebook... thx bro!}

piggy tails!

Over the weekend I also had my dear dear dear Robs in town from the Arkansas state! We had a fantastic time. I miss them and I wish they lived closer. love these two! We dined, watched football, baked, and made bfast.

Monday it rained and it provided the base of complete happiness for a monday night. I took this birthday gentleman to a yummy / cozy dinner at fireside pies for some wine, bruschetta, & pizza. We sat outside under the tin porch cover while it poured rain. It was really dreamy. Thanks mother nature for setting that up. :) Happy Birthday to you!

Lots of celebrations happening! Happy Birthday to all my November babies! Scorpio's rule. :)

Next up on the schedule happens TONIGHT. LIKE CRAZY will be viewed by myself and some of my girlfriends. Today I've been convincing myself I won't cry because I WANT to cry. I love a good sappy chick flick. I learned my lesson when I went to see The Notebook in the theaters and was all prepared to bawl my eyes out and my friends and I worked it up so much that when the time came for the tears to start flowing I just couldn't get it going. UGH. What a disappointment. So, I am going in blind. Cannot wait. 

A little musical gem update. 

This fella is coming back to Dallas - to the All Good Cafe Dec. 3rd {I'm going! You should too!} Rayland Baxter is a beautifully talented musician out of Nashville and he is just a top notch guy... so friendly and cool. I have no doubt you would like him. Yeeeeewwooozza!   


random alert! I want this pup someday... when I live in a house.


My great friends have a labra / golden doodle and she's such a great pup. Doesn't shed, doesn't bark and is just generally hilarious and happy. 


I'm done, that's all I got right now. Cheers friendlies. hb 


Monday, November 7, 2011


Hey Friendles!
I hope everyone is doing greatly. I've had a pretty stellar couple weeks. I've been halloweening, concert going, birthday celebrating, wining & dining, having company and getting excited for the upcoming holiday season! Lots and lots and lots to look forward to and be thankful for. Today I officially started listening to Christmas music. Mariah Carey's pandora station to be specific. It's the way to go. Sets you up with all kinds of good tunes by some of my personal holiday album staples like NSYNC, Hanson, 98 degrees, etc. {you know those albums are fantastic!} ha! Anyways, in true xmas music form... it has made me think of all the greatness that comes around this time of year... so I've made a short list of a lot {not all} of the things I look forward to this upcoming season. I'm thinking if I write it out I won't let them pass me by and I'll make a point to really soak them in. :) 

Hanson was OBVIOUSLY played.... 

As was the fellows of NSYNC!

ANYWAYS, my point is.... IT'S ON. In full swing. It's time to get festive. :) 

peacenblessins. hb