Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Na Na Na Na Na


This is from one of my new favorite sweet songs called "Somebody Loved" by The Weepies. So while listening to it on repeat, I created this lil ditty.


I have a confession. I say awesome and amazing WAY TOO MUCH. I know this and I'm trying to broaden my vocabulary when words like that need to be used. It wasn't until last nights episode of " It's a Brad, Brad World" that this became a rushed task. Brad's chick assistant says either "Omg, thats amazing!" or " Omg, you look awesome!" about 100008475 times an episode and it drives me absolutely crazy!!!!!!!! So I will slowly but surely be x-ing those out unless something is absolutely AWESOME or AMAZING. 


Glass water jugs to keep fresh water. {I've seen these in some of the coolest food joints these days and just had to get my hands on some. I got them at World Market for I think $6.99 or something bonkers like that. So excited.}

Hunger Games. { I've been reading this during my lunch break. Only on page 50 and I think I've been teary the whole time. What's wrong with me?}

Bit-O-Honey. {I blame Laura Hansen for this obsession. You had these at your apt once (I think I cleaned you out of them) and now I'm addicted.}


This is my new bracelet I ordered from Coatt. I got one of these for my sister and mom for Christmas and just HAD to get one as a gift to myself. This girl designs necklaces and bracelets in morse code. They are crazy light weight, delicate, and absolutely gorgeous. Mine reads "GYE" which means "Give Yourself Entirely" - this is something that I kind of made up for myself. Sometimes it's hard to put my everything into most things for fear of losing, rejection, failure, etc. So, I keep this with me as a daily reminder {I also have it written on a canvas in my living room} because I think it's the most simple, yet greatest gift you can give to yourself and others - to be present in the moment with all your efforts focused towards whatever / whoever is currently there.  

quatro. cinco, seis! {like the song... yikes, I can't help it.}

This handsome gent and I toasted to "2 years and a little hiccup" last Friday! Happiness all around. :) xx

Have a fantabulous evening - I'll be hitting up some POWERUP YOGA tonight - gettin my yogi on and then heading home for some dinner & some HUNGER GAMES! 




  1. Ai! Ai! LOVE me some Bit O Honey! And I think I deserve another shout out for the Weepies song! ; ) haha!

    Congrats on the anniversary! It has flown by!

  2. you totally do! i dedicate this whole post to you haha!