Tuesday, May 31, 2011


The perks of having a backyard..... THIS

A backyard birthday party..... I want to throw one for someone someday. This is MY PERFECT DREAM. I'm in love with every part of this. ESPECIALLY the LIGHTS.

I want a house and a backyard for this purpose... to be able to have people over to share meals and party and enjoy each other. Someday............... :)

These images came from 100layercake -----> SO COOL! And I am also quite obsessed with Kristina from Lovely Morning!

ACE & Staycations


So Memorial Day Weekend has now passed us... :( and it's back to the grind for a few days. I hope you all had a moment of silence and thanked all the men and women who have and are serving our country and keeping us safe. THANK YOU! My weekend was great. It was exactly what I needed... started off with a 30 mile bike ride and then the rest of the weekend was spent relaxing - mostly on my parents couch watching movies, tv, napping, chatting, grilling, eating, etc. It was too windy to go kayaking :( but my dad said we would go next time. All in all a wonderful weekend. Now it's time to rest up and pack up for my next trip....... Bonnaroo. Yikes. I am getting anxious about what I should bring in order to survive. :) .... and be clean-ish... and smell decent.

Even though I was just on a vacay and soon will be on another one... I am ALWAYS dreaming about an escape with people. Some friends and I were talking about having a staycation here in Dallas sometime. Rent a few hotel rooms and stay there for a day / night... rule is - no one is allowed to leave.. unless of course it's to pick up some necessities for a good time. Just swim by the pool and lay out and just be on staycation. YES PLEASE!

However, a vacation to either, Palm Springs, Seattle, Portland, or New York City to stay at the ACE HOTEL wouldn't be bad either. I want to so bad! I love how unique the rooms are.   

I want to stay that an ACE HOTEL !!

My sister and brother n law stayed at the ACE HOTEL in Seattle - check out their experience photos... PS - he is an AMAZING photographer and so you should also check out his website http://www.brettheidebrecht.com/ 



COMO Shambhala Retreat
Shambhala, Sanskrit for ‘the sacred place of bliss’

So.... who's with me?? This is Parrot Cay in Turks and Caicos. 

"Our original awardwinning COMO Shambhala Retreat in the northern Caribbean's Turks and Caicos Islands continues to lead the way in holistic wellness. 

The Retreat occupies the leeward flank of this private island, overlooking wetlands rich with birdlife. Facilities include an infinity pool, Yoga rooms, Pilates studio and numerous treatment areas. " 

OR.... we could just go lay on the beach. Either way. :)

think about it....hb

Friday, May 27, 2011

Morning Ramble

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! Can you believe it? It's finally ALMOST Memorial Day Weekend!! I'm not sure where you'll be, but where I'll be.... it's going to be SUNNY! I just looked at the weather and it's looking like a solid sunny 80 degree Oklahoma weekend. Which is perfect for all I have unplanned... :) 7 hours to go! :) We can do it.... and if you are off already - psh! but good for you... I hope you are LIVING IT UP! 

I actually had a very pleasant morning... I got up, got ready, and cruised on over to The Pearl Cup for a fancy Vanilla Chai Tea Latte. It's the very best I've ever had.... anywhere. If you come to Dallas or live here... go there and get it. Especially if you like Christmas candles that smell like vanilla and sugar cookies.... because thats what it tastes like, ha ha. New Friday tradition? I THINK SO! :)

So, moving right along. While I was doing my daily blog creep this morning, I came across Jason Mraz's blog. He is SO insightful. Back in high school, when I was overly obsessed with his music I would read his journals on his website everyday (Yes, I am that lame.) He is such an amazing, creative writer - you never want the posts to end. Ten years later, I am still reading his post and  today it's titled, Beginners Only. I have copied it below for you all to read and think about. I encourage you to keep up with his blog if you enjoy thoughts like these... he does not disappoint. Also, I hope you don't find this cheesy... because it really isn't meant to be. 

"A beginner’s mind is a brilliant place to come from. After all, beginners are granted permission to fail. In that sense, it’s not uncommon for beginners to have more fun.

I have the word beginner tattooed in cursive on my right arm. I almost wish it were tattooed across my face so I could remember to breathe when I feel like I don’t have it all together. Oh yea, I’m a beginner at writing 4th albums. I’m a beginner at intimate relationships!

I didn’t start surfing until I was 28. It was with a beginner’s mind that I excelled, not taking flopping around in the water as a sign of weakness. Instead, all that flopping made me more buoyant and a much better surfer.

I didn’t start playing guitar until I was 18. During those awkward college years I could’ve quit as other boys my age already had bands and tight jams. I knew as a beginner I had permission to suck and that eventually I’d rock. And now I do.

So remember this. We are all beginners. We haven’t done this before. You haven’t been you on this day before. I haven’t been someone’s solid rock before. I haven’t been me at 33 before. Each day is new and we’re all allowed to fall down as often as we need to. It is through these mistakes and fumbles that we’ll likely get it right next time."

- jason mraz

That being said, remember that you owe it to yourself to give yourself a break every once in a while. I mean... sometimes I sit here and think, "What am I doing?" and "Why don't I know what kind of career I want?" and "Why am I not just going after the one I want?" You know... everyone has their life questions they think about on a daily basis.... whether its about a career, friendship, relationships, motherhood, fatherhood, husbandhood, wifehood, grandparenthood,childhood, etc. Sometimes those feelings are overwhelming and scary, but then you have to remind yourself that your 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, etc years young and you don't have to know those answers all the time. You will go through ruts... and life will bring new things everyday and things will change - but I think we all have to sort of realize that those feelings aren't just yours - they are universal.  People go through the same type of things and have the same type of worries as you... and that is comfort in itself, right? Personally, I think it's exciting.... and somedays there will only be one moment to breathe... when you first wake up, when you are driving, when you cook, when your having dinner, a glass of wine, or when you finally lay down to sleep.... but I think if you remind yourself that you'll eventually get the hang of something.... those moments, days, months, even years of uncertainty and beginnings will all make sense someday. Eventually.... :) 

Okay, enough of that ramble... I ramble too much sometimes. SO. I hope everyone's Friday's go pleasantly. I will hopefully concoct a non-soap box post later in the day... I have some ideas. :)

K, LATER! hb.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Books, Bags, Body

I am just going to warn you... this post is random.

Is it 5:30 yet? Goodness gracious. :) I hope everyone has had a lovely day... I have had a fairly fair one... its going to get even better with a night of laundry, packing, and Jazzing it up Under the Stars at the Dallas Museum of Art. Bring on the nice weather, live jazz, blankets, vino and cheese! 

While I was home for lunch I was looking at a few books I have lying around and I thought I would share - these are some of my most favorite "informative" books. And if you are making fun of me because I have "Influence" by MK&A, I do not approve of the mockery, haha...:) It's a really neat book - it's full of interviews with some of the most influential fashion designers and photographers of all time. You would enjoy it. Beyond Trend is also a REALLY cool, interesting book. Click the links to read about them if you'd like. Crazy / Sexy / Diet is a book created by Kris Carr - it's not your typical diet book to lose weight... it's just about the actual word... DIET as in the sum of the food consumed by an organism or group. My friend Jenn turned me on to Kris Carr by letting me borrow her DVD " Crazy Sexy Cancer " - This Kris chick is totally amazing. And the rest - you may or may not be interested in since they are graphic design books. 

So, I got a SUPER AMAZINGLY AMAZING Leather fringe purse from Dolly Python the other week -- I've been searching for one for a while - but I didn't want to drop mucho dinero on a real nice leather one. Urban has one smaller than this for $129ish... and yeah.. thats nice for a bag - but LUCKILY I found this treasure a week before I saw that one and it was only $40... and its vintage-y-er looking!!! JACKPOT. 

These items below are DIVINE. Separately... but even better together. Have you all heard of dry brushing? This is another knowledgeable gem that my gal Jenn told me about. Kris Carr talks about it in her book. Look at the list of benefits below. I do this almost everyday and it has TRULY improved my skin. I am OBSESSED. You can get a dry brush at walmart, target, cvs... wherever bath stuff is sold really. A dry brush is a wooden paddle brush with the white bristles. Like you see below... You are "supposed" to brush your whole BODY before you take a shower or bath and then once you pop in the shower it removes all the dead skin and toxins... You may think I'm crazy - but you go buy one and see for yourself. 

1.    Removes cellulite
2.    Cleanses the lymphatic system
3.    Removes dead skin layers
4.    Strengthens the immune system
5.     Stimulates the hormone and oil-producing glands
6.    Tightens the skin preventing premature aging
7.    Tones the muscles
8.    Stimulates circulation
9.    Improves the function of the nervous system
10.  Helps digestion
11. AND it’s easy, inexpensive and invigorating! 

I also LOOOOOVE Palmer's Coconut Butter Skin Therapy Oil - I use it instead of body lotion. If you're interested, target sells it - it comes in a white box, so don't look for the bottle. The "Now" Coconut Oil I got for my hair - my friend KK told me about it. I haven't used it yet though =/ 

This post has been super random. I think it's a direct reflection of my ADD... :) Before I say goodbye for the day, I wanted to share this quote with you I had written in my quote book from high school. It's from one of my favorite books.... Tuesday's with Morrie.  

Alright-y, that's all for today. 4 down... 1 to go. IT'S ALMOST FRIDAY!!! Have a fabulous one. I hope its pretty wherever you are... :) Goodnight!!



Just a quick little update for the morning.... I have posters to design today for work.... so that must come first. But real quick....Two exciting things came in the mail yesterday.......... My "Kapha" Pratima face products AND my BONNAROO BRACELET!! I'm so pumped :) :) 

Just incase anyone who reads this is curious about the Pratima products, I want to share my first impressions... 

1. They all come in pretty glass packaging.... I felt so fancy and spa like. :) 

2. They all smell AMAZING! Well.... actually the herbal face wash smells VERY herbal, they were NOT kidding... it's like dirt, flowers, and veggies all in one. Which isnt bad... it's just different. It's in powder form and so you just get a pool of water in your hand and sprinkle about a quarter size amount in there and mix it together... so, you are creating your earthy, herbal mix yourself... its neat. So far, I am a fan! The essential oil smells soooooo stinking yum. I want it in perfume form.... it's hard to describe - but I know you would like it. The last product I got is the moisturizer.... it smells like lemon sunscreen with sunflowers in it. HOLY MOLY. It's dreamy. 

My friend Shilpa has her consultation today at 3 with Pratima.... I am soooo excited to hear what she has to say. Shilpa also showed me an iphone APP called "Food for Life" - it's really interesting... it gives you food plans and shows you which food ( fruit, grains, nuts, veggies, beans, meat ) is good for your specific dosha. Lots of options :) Just thought I would share.

BONNAROO TICKET / WRISTBAND!!! Yay!!!! Less than 2 weeks and my friends and I will be roadtripping to Manchester, TN..... watching live music, camping, dancing, socializing, getting sunshine, getting rain, and having so much fun!!! :) :) :)  

Be back later! hb.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Favorite Summer Accessory ....

Hair.................. DUH! Summer is the time to let your locks go wild.... it's a time for growth and restoration. So put the blow dryer and curling iron down every once in a while and let the wind and sun take over. :) Your hair will thank you. Go ahead and invest in some summer hair essentials like dry shampoo, Moroccan Oil and Surf Spray - if you haven't already. :) 

GO THUNDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HB. 

The Drive - In & Garth...... Brooks. :)

 Drive - In movies. My friends and I were talking about these a few days ago. Who doesn't love the "Drive-In" ?? I remember as a kid we used to get done swimming at the neighborhood pool and one of my neighborhood friend's mom would take us to the Drive - In in Guthrie. For some reason I am having flashbacks of a big thing of homemade popcorn, cry-babies, fun dip, lemon heads, sunkist, and a giant bucket of Bubble Gum. OMG. It's called DUBBLE BUBBLE! The kind you could get at the baseball games. Wow. New mission...FIND DUBBLE BUBBLE. {side note} Dubble Bubble also reminds me of softball practice in Elementary School.... Chisholm Charmers was our team name, ( which was of course airbrushed in red and white on our navy blue hats ) and we would practice at my school a few times a week.... my coach would always have a big bucket of DUBBLE BUBBLE down at the field... needless-to-say my sweet tooth got the best of me and I would immediately race out the door ( no need to change... because, duh... I was already in my gear! Hello, to the glory of soccer shorts, samba's and t-shirts everyday to school! ), down the hill to our practice field and get into that bucket of goodness. {end side note} So back to Drive - In's.... I want to go to one this summer. I've done some research and it looks like the possibility of that happening for me is about a 100%. So, "It's on" (in the Stu voice) - IT IS ON! :) So, gather your blankets, and pop the trunk - It's game time! Pop corn, sour straws, to-go food, sandwiches, cookies, beer, wine, soda, sunflower seeds, and DUBBLE BUBBLE are all invited to this party. Fill up your cars with your friends or your kids, or both and head to the Drive In for a DOUBLE FEATURE this Spring / Summer. Seriously... friends... let's do this. 

While I'm on the subject of back in the day, may I reintroduce.... GARTH. All this drive-in talk made me want to listen to him. His music always reminds me of the summer when I was younger. My sister and I would have all our girlfriends over for sleepovers and we would turn off all the lights in the house and BLARE Garth on the stereo in the living room and prance around with flashlights {as microphones} singing to "shameless" and "The Thunder Rolls" - just to name a few. I am going to take this moment to say thanks to my parents for putting up with that. We had a blast and they just wanted to sleep. There were some upset dad appearances in the wee hours of the night because the music was so loud.... at that point it became the movie portion of the night... :) 



Lastly........ Here are are some images I just found in my "SWOON" folder on my desktop. Most of these are from Desire to Inspire. Which you should click the link below and look everyday.... it's an everyday'r for me. 

That's all for now........ :)

GO THUNDER!!!!! hb

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Anthropologie rings.... Is anyone else at a stand still... just gawking at these jewels? I LOVE rings... big bulky rings and gorgeous "everyday" rings. My boyf gifted me a gorgeously perfect pearl ring for Christmas & I just love it. Much like these, it's sweet and simple.... doesn't get any better than that, right?! :) 

These rings are PERFECT in EVERY way. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. wow..............! My friend Erin sent me the turquoise leaf one today and said it reminded her of me. That link then sent me on a cruise, searching on the web for other Anthro rings.... and I found these! :) 

Stay Safe!!!!!! hb.

M & D & Memorial Day Weekend Plans

Good Morning!

Before I begin my day of blogging, I want to say a Happy Anniversary to my beautimous blue eyed parentals on their special day :) My dad gifted my mom a gorgeous red Jackson Kayak so they have plans to go do that and get dinner tonight - hopefully the weather will be nice for them. I think that is just adorable... I hope my mom enjoys it - I know my dad will! I plan on doing some of that next weekend while I am at home. Anyways, here is a little note and collage to celebrate their 31 year marriage. Here's to 100 more!! :) 

Now, I know most people go on vacation for Memorial Day weekend... or they go to the lake.... but this year... I am heading North with my gal Stephanie for some good ole Oklahoma fun. Here is a little "idea list" of things we plan on crossing out. It seems we have a pretty fun full weekend ahead!! :)  

See.... OK isn't all bad :) 

back in a bit. hb

Monday, May 23, 2011


Good Day, YA'LL! This afternoon I stumbled upon The Selby website. It's been a while since I last visited. I just LITRALLY freaked out...silently, with wide eyes, of course and I tried to compose myself while I looked at these outrageously mind-blowing homes and read these people's stories. I love The Selby because they tell stories of the people who actually own these homes. You actually get a feel for the people that created these homes - which I find VERY interesting and inspiring. I'm sure many of you have swung by The Shelby, but if not... YOU MUST. Below are some of my favorites I found today. Enjoy!! 
In love with those couches (orange with gray rug... swoon!) ........ that pool........... everything.  

This home is gorgeous-ly gorgeous. Loving the warm, light colored interiors and the love nook :) AND PATIO. WOWEE. 

Loving this rooftop patio... the colors, the antlers, the couch and just about everything else.

My heart seriously skipped a beat when I came across this home. I'M SERIOUS! Different colored wood, nothing fancy, full of color, art, nature, painting, love, cooking, play, pups, and patios. 


It rained HARD earlier............ not for very long.... but I thought it was going to come through the roof. wowsees. This is me standing in our front lobby looking at the dark, dark sky... wishing I was curled up on my couch with comfy clothes, a blanket, big cushy pillow, candles, and dawson's creek reruns... ( I need to get my fix soon ) - Ha! But, seriously. 


Here is a depressing photo from the weekend... comparing skin tone.... I am clearly the fairest. :( 

neat photo idea, seth. :)

Music choice of the day has been Bon Iver's Pandora station.... you can never go wrong with it. It's purty steady with good tunes. 

Below is a really inspiring interpretation I found of one of my favorite Bon Iver songs. It's sort of long but I think you would like it if you gave it a go.  Click the image to read it better. 

K, I'm off for the day! Yipee!! GO THUNDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hb.

What a Weekend!

Greetings! I hope everyone had a fun and enjoyable weekend. I sure did. It was action packed full of great people, DELISH food, sun, two-stepping, brunching, birthday-ing, and ended with a rainy, cozy and relaxing evening on the couch catching up on the weeks shows like Modern Family, Kloe and Lamar, and The Real Housewives of OC. After all those events I still feel like I need an evening where nothing is really going on...so, tonight will be that - except the Thunder game - I will be watching that. Here is a collage of the weekend, well Saturday.... Eating - carnival-ing, and walking at the Taste of Addison, Omi Korean food, and two - stepping at Adairs in Deep Ellum. 

Stay safe in this weather!! hb.

Friday, May 20, 2011

TGIF & Mr. Dylan

THANK GOODNESS IT'S FRIDAY! Wonderful. It's been a pretty good day. Its muggy out, so I'm thankful that I'm inside in the AC. 

Today's post is just a spatter of many things. Justin Vernon being the coolest, a pretty RAD Free People bag, some cool houses and patios from Dwell and Elle Decor magazine, what seems to be a glorious ride through some open fields, a Teepee, and a magnificento ring from Free People. Oh, and a purty quote by Mr. Emerson. He is so wise. 

I'm so ready for the weekend. Tonight is a "Bonnaroo planning party" at Laura's with the Dallas Bonnaroo crew - shall be a real hoot! Then we've got the Taste of Addison tomorrow, then tomorrow night, a Korean feast, and all thats planned Sunday is a birthday brunch! I'm hoping for a sunny weekend - but that's not looking too promising. :( Sheeewwoooooooot!! 

First and most importantly, I love me some Bob Dylan.... he a class act - I love all his tunes, his voice, and his harmonica. Secondly,  I know this is so typical.. but, who else in love with him? As in you think he is DREAMY. As in you see these photos and you can't help but wish you knew him back when these photos were taken because he is so adorably boyish and interesting looking. The one I'm mostly talking about is the top one. I wonder what he is thinking there - "Uhh.... life is good," probably. :) I am also intrigued by the photo of him in the car and those girls are smooshed against his window, screaming no doubt, and he is just chillin. It's good stuff. His son Jakob looks just like him... I am a big Wallflowers fan too. HOT DANG! 

Keep it good, simple n real, folks.hb.