Friday, April 29, 2011

Disco Balls

My love for music REALLY started when I was 15. Back when Napster and Chat rooms were cool - I would get on there and search out music. I would get on the Napster chat and see who was downloading my music and whose I was downloading (wow....... creeper!) - I would IM them and ask if they had any other suggestions. This one guy sent me two bands that I hadn't ever heard of... Jason Mraz and Maroon 5. This was about 10 years ago... and so Jason Mraz and Maroon 5 hadn't had an album out yet... so they were my new obsessions. I told my friends about Jason Mraz and we became obsessed. When I turned 16 - he was playing at The Gypsy Tea Room in Dallas, Texas - this little tiny venue. My ever so trusting mom let me skip half of school one day and drive myself and 3 other friends 3.5 hours south to catch the show at 9. We got there and walked right up to the stage while everyone else just went to the bar and hung out... no one walked up to the stage and we were all thinking... " UMMM..... PEOPLE! DO YOU KNOW WHO IS HERE?!?" - they didn't care much... and neither did we because we were front row and when Jason Mraz came on stage... we were all just star struck. That was one of the best nights of my life. He sang "Leaving on a Jet Plane" while the little disco ball took over the ceiling.... ugh, it was magical. I fell in love with music and live music right then. Now, going to shows is no doubt my favorite thing to do. I have a list I wrote up in one of my art / quote journals of all the people / bands I want to see... and I have checked off and added a lot. Although I do not play an instrument - I truly love music and what it does for people's souls.   

This list started around 15... and I has since been updated and moved somewhere....( how nerd bomber do I sound? I am losing cool points with these lists... but its part of the process! ) 

This treasure of a photo is from 10 years ago... Ew. thats scary. Mr. Mraz stepped down from his 2 foot corner stage and said hello in his high as a kite, smoooooth, slooooow, deep voice <3

so thats that. 'preciate ya. hb

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