Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy Collage & Walls

When I was a kid / teenager - my walls were always covered in stuff. I think that started when I was in 5th grade - with mostly Hanson posters and a few JTT, Andrew Keegan, and Devon Sawa.... Come on - we've all been there :) Things haven't really changed much as I am now going on my 25th year of the good life and living on my own. I love covering my walls with paintings, pictures, photos, etc. One thing I love to have in my "space" is a "Happy Collage" or some say an inspiration board. For my new-ish apartment I created one by pinning two sheets of cork board vertically on my wall in my living room - and day by day... or whenever I find something NEATO or interesting, I pin it on. Some days it's a magazine layout of some really beautiful black wedge booties and some days its a really beautiful photo of James Franco.... I never know. ;o) This is something that I walk out of my room everyday and it just makes me feel good - it may be "sooooo high school" but it really does light up my day - its colorful, happy and full of cool images of hair-do's, make-up, quotes, cards, tickets, workout tips, clothes, shoes, flowers, do-dads, printmaking, and beautiful people. :) It also makes my magazine hoarding ($$) worth while. I think that creating something like this - no matter what gender or age you may be - whether you want to cover it in sports memorabilia ::: cough :::Ian Kinsler images::::cough::::, concert tickets, recipes, family and friend photos, cards, favorite vacation spots, dream houses, etc - something about having them out and about for people to see and for you to see on a daily basis can be really encouraging and inspiring. I hope I always have one - it probably won't ALWAYS have James Franco magazine tear outs - but hopefully as I grow up and have a family someday, we can have a little space where it can just be full of good stuff that will make us feel happy and encouraged in our home.... as I think everyone should feel in their home. So here are a few pics of my walls and of my Happy College. :)

Oh, and happy weekend! I just finished watching the Royal Wedding festivities that I recorded from yesterday and laying on my couch while it rained outside. It was fantastic. Kate's dress and over all look was just out of control classy and beyond gorgeous. Wow. I got teary... they just looked so wonderful together. Class act. Love. 

'preciate ya. hb

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