Monday, November 7, 2011


Hey Friendles!
I hope everyone is doing greatly. I've had a pretty stellar couple weeks. I've been halloweening, concert going, birthday celebrating, wining & dining, having company and getting excited for the upcoming holiday season! Lots and lots and lots to look forward to and be thankful for. Today I officially started listening to Christmas music. Mariah Carey's pandora station to be specific. It's the way to go. Sets you up with all kinds of good tunes by some of my personal holiday album staples like NSYNC, Hanson, 98 degrees, etc. {you know those albums are fantastic!} ha! Anyways, in true xmas music form... it has made me think of all the greatness that comes around this time of year... so I've made a short list of a lot {not all} of the things I look forward to this upcoming season. I'm thinking if I write it out I won't let them pass me by and I'll make a point to really soak them in. :) 

Hanson was OBVIOUSLY played.... 

As was the fellows of NSYNC!

ANYWAYS, my point is.... IT'S ON. In full swing. It's time to get festive. :) 

peacenblessins. hb


  1. Love this!!! And Christmas! And you!! P.S. Celine Dion's Christmas album is forever the best!!! Haha!! Although the N Sync "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays" song is quite the catchy tune! ;)

  2. Celine is no doubt forever the best. I forgot to add Amy Grant.... that's what we would listen to while decorating the house as kids. :( take me back! haha.