Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's River Weekend & Ms. Raitt

It's that time of year again........ time to head down to the Guadeloupe River for some floatin. 20 of my friends and I rented two houses on the river for this weekend and we are going to do it up right. These are photos from last year..... we had a total blasty blast. If you've never been, you must try it out. These next couple days I will be getting my backpack together and cleaning my rova truck so that it can just get gross again. Bring on jorts, tanks, swim suits, grillin, chillin, friends, s'mores and the weekend. Shall be a real hoot!

In other news.......... who loves Bonnie Raitt...?? If you don't, we cannot be friends - this woman is INCREDIBLE!!!

And lastly.... this little tootsie pop at 3 weeks old.... love.

k, that's all..... hb


  1. i've said it like a MILLION Xs but that last pic of baby lady Ava is just RIDICULOUS! :)

  2. Getting my waterproof cam today!!