Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Weddings, Friends, Sports, Music & Catching Up.

Howdy! Sorry, I have been a boring blogger these days. Lots going on 'round here. I just got back from Ambler, PA for some college friends wedding. Has anyone every been to Ambler? Well... you should go. It's a dreamy little place. I wouldn't complain if I had to live there. It's gorgeous... reminds me of a mix between Breckenridge, Colorado and Savannah, Georgia... weird... two of my most favorite places on Earth! :) Good work, Traubs... you picked a good spot. 

They had a most beautiful wedding weekend. Lauren was SO INCREDIBLY STUNNING and Ryan became one of my most favorite people... and he made me cry the entire ceremony. UGH! Thanks dude! I had the best time. They have such wonderful family and friends - it was so refreshing to be surrounded by so much genuine love. I got to reunite with my best friends from college and there is just nothing like that. It just goes to show that no matter where you went to college... it's usually not the city that gives you that nostalgic feeling... it's being with those people who you were there with and became a family with -- I felt like I was back in Savannah this weekend and it's exactly what I needed. I love my dear friends and I am so beyond blessed to have them in my life. I also made some pretty great new friends that weekend.... another good point I will make is... you know you have been given some pretty great people in your life when you get along greatly and stay friends with their family and friends from home. Love it. Anyways, here are some scenes from the weekend. Thanks, friends. :)


Lauren & her Mama..... love!

CRTL Z PLZ!!!!!!!

Photo booth!! New friends & old friends... :)

My Loves.................

I love this woman!!! And Clay,  you are pretty great too.. :)

The Wilson's.... basically the most fantastic home away from home parents anyone could ask for..... LOVE them so mucho, xoxo!!

The Happy Beautiful couple :) 
My dear fellas!!! "Clob"

Mrs. Traub & Groomsmen - yay for new friends!!

Ryan, Rob, and Clay - BROS.

bride & flower girl......... sisters & twins. So cuteness. 

New friends :)

weekend necessities.............:)

My Galley girl -- LOVE!!

-Back from Philly: Grilled some steak/veggie kabobs and shrooms with the grillmaster and his new Philly shirt! (thx, Clobby... real sad I forgot the adult playing cards you found him too..)-

hannnnndsome hairy man!

- My lil squeezie bee, Miss Ava Cate. Eternally in love with this gorgeous booger... She just melts my heart..... ---

---------- FC DALLAS game: Tons of fun..... Tailgating, Beer Garden, "So, does anyone else think the keeper is HOTT? Except the fact that he's frosted his hair..... that's too bad." - Laura Hansen, Hot Dogs, "BookIt" Pan Pizza's, great company, and ODD fans.... all in all pretty fantastic night. ------------- 

------- I haven't done a music post in a while.......... so today I will. I was talking with a friend about music and I remembered my man Alexi Murdoch..... love him.......I think you would too if you haven't heard. Did I mention he has an accent? SWOON. Also - go rent "Away We Go" - I finally got my dvd back from the "King of Falling Asleep During Movies..." ---------

Away We Go is one of my favorites......... for those of you who know me....... I am a total cry baby when it comes to movies. This one was no exception. Oh yeah, and I have a huge crush on Johnny K... ;) This is a sweet "LIFE" movie - beware of the opening scene... it's slightly awkward. You've been warned. :)  

---------- Also............. THIS. -----------

peace & love YA'LL. hb


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