Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Wassup sweet things? 

We've made it halfway through the week.... who's excited?! I am because I have a show to go to tonight......!! JUNIOR BOYS! Going with my giiiirl Laha. ssgooonnaa be fun. :)

On a more serious note, my friend Kurt's friend Sunday Ibok {who my friends and I had the absolute pleasure of meeting just 8 days ago, (he came to town from NYC to see friends and to be here for his buddies wedding)}, had a brain aneurism on Sunday night and was declared brain dead at 5:50 pm on Monday evening and is still on life support. His 31st birthday was last week.

It's heartbreaking to even think about and I tear up every time I do. To know that this guy who walked in to my friend's apartment to hang out with us all for dinner a week ago, greeted us with this giant pearly white smile and his infectious personality, is now on life support. We drank wine, chatted, watched youtube videos and laughed, and just enjoyed each others company. We all felt like Sunday had been in our group of friends for as long as any of us had. He's that kind of person. And now, he's laying in a hospital bed, brain dead, surrounded by his mom and siblings, who are just hoping and praying for a miracle. I just cannot imagine. Please pray for him and his family. 

This is it, ya'll. This is your life and these are the people in it. Be thankful and be gracious for EVERYTHING. Be thankful for everyone you meet and really try and figure out why they were put in your path. Even if the meeting is brief, think why. I personally believe no meeting is an accident. I know some people won't agree with me... but I think that makes life so much more romantic. Everything and everyone has a purpose. I think Sunday was put in my path to remind me that there are genuinely wonderful people out there and to always be yourself, even when you are around a new group of people you've just met and you may feel more comfortable shying away. It was very inspiring and refreshing to see how he just walked in and greeted everyone and was just immediately so at ease and fit right in. 

I won't go on, because with life stuff and meaning, etc.... I could write all day, so I won't bore you. :) I will just leave you with a quote... thanks for finding this, Seth. :) 

Also, I have to throw these in because, well, she's my baby lady and my sister just sent these. Every time I see this sweet booger she reminds me of what I want out of life and what's important.  Babies love you and they don't even know your name, who you are, what you do, how much money you make, etc. They are just here to make you smile, feel appreciated and melt your heart. 

My little squeezy bee.... 

Well friendlies, have a wonderful day. I hope that even though you may not know Sunday, you think of him, his family and friends and today is a little different for you. A little more reflective and gracious. I know these last few days have been for me. And I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who pops over to my blog and reads my posts. I'm truly flattered. Have a great one. 


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