Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mash - UP : AWOL / BOOTS / Bon Bon


So, this lyric is stuck in my head. Could possibly be because I listened to it non-stop yesterday? .... probably. My friend Erin sent it my way yesterday morning and I feel like it hasn't left my ears. {Sail - Awolnation}

{also this song is SO GOOD! and sweet....}
"All I need"


I went shopping at lunch today... =/ Dolly Python is this really addictive vintage-y store and I can never leave without SOMETHING. Today was no different, I left with two pairs of {leather} boots and a poster all for under a hundy! STEAL! Usually my boots come from either Frye, Diesel, or Lucky {only one pair from there but I love them! mostly because they look like Frye's}. Spending hundreds of dollars on anything is hard but boots are the one thing I usually splurge on or ask for for Christmas or my birthday, because hey, they always fit and last forever. :) Today's purchases are at the exact weathered/worn stage that I try and get all my boots to. So I just had to get them. Here they are below. :) :) :) I have been looking for some black lace-ups for a year now & the tan ones were just too irresistible. 

Numero UNO

{JUSTIN lace-ups... to be worn with skinny jeans, jorts, probably some scrunched socks, oversized sweaters, leggings, ya know....whatever my heart desires... yee-haw!}

Numero DOS

{eeeeeeeeeeks! I am in love. These were more than likely mens boots because I have GIGANTIC feet. But, dang. They will get worn a lot. I have a serious weakness for leather boots {anything}.


{ Kinda saaaxy, right? It' so 90's and I love it.... I miss the 90's, so sue me ;) }

Okay, so I resigned my lease for another year and so I want to sort of continue working on decorating. Walking around the Dolly Python ... I was captivated by this image. GOODNESS. It's black and white and BIG. I'm going to re-frame it with either a black or white frame {and possibly covering up the text.. (is that bad?)} and put it on my "picture wall" - which I plan on reorganizing for a lil change up since it's been like that for a whole year!


Okay, I will end with a continuation of my annoying streak and talk about Justin Vernon. FOUR DAYS!!!! Bon Iver. Cannot wait. :)

{deeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmm boy}

Happy Thursday, folks. Enjoy it wherever you are. Peace n Blessins. HB

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