Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Laborday Lovin

Back from Colorado. Had a WONDERFULLY nice time. Perfect weather {jorts, hoodie, boots}, great company, relaxation, adventure, photoshoots, and baby lady. So, here are a bundle of photos for your viewing pleasure if you so choose to proceed down to the rest of the post... :)

Packing up! 

Once I got to the house we mostly hung around, "played" with Ava, watched football, watched movies, I went running everyday { gettin my Biel on :) }, grilled burgers & steaks, biked {not me}, shopped, hiked, walked, soaked in the sun, read, ate, & just enjoyed the company of 
each other.

oooooooo my sweet thang.

Below is where I would rest after my runs... I don't know if you all have ran in the mountains, but DANG, its hard on the lungs. So I would sit back here on this amazingly comfy chair and listen to music. During this particular time, my sweet mama brought me out a bangin turkey sandwich and a DDP. She knows me. :) {Having someone make you a sandwich is such a good, simple, sweet gesture... my mom is da best!}

........ along my run .......

My B.I.L. is a photographer and we went out and did a photoshoot around the mountains, in this open valley and then by this cabin. He shot with film so I am really excited to see the pics!! My {somewhat vain} intention was to get a photo of myself like this....

........ which we did a few different ones like this. I love it because it looks so freeing and liberating. Oh, and the combo of blouse/cutoffs are my "go-to" outfit. But then somehow it turned in to an all out photo shoot. haha. so. we shall see!! We took a few by this little stream. PURTY! {aint it?}

Most mornings these two would come and visit me on the couch until everyone else woke up. 7:30am wake up on vacation? OF COURSE! {only if this little baby lady is involved though...}

... this video melts my heart.... ava LOVES her mama. ALL smiles :)

{please excuse my manly laugh}

My siblings :) Brett "B.I.L." - Claire "Sister" - John "Juanny Honny" and baby lady, Ava, of whom I also refer to as, "sister" :)

Me and Daddio :)

........... couch naps with Ava :) 

Ended my trip {at the airport for 5 hours before my flight} with Panda Express {fried rice, orange chicken}, Vogue (Sept issue {big mama!}), and BASSNECTAR!!!

All in all - WONDERFUL trip. I hope everyone had a good weekend as well. It finally feels like Fall in Texas!!! HECK YAHHHHH! :)



  1. really upset that i can never come to these family events :( not fair! can't wait to see your photoshoot pictures....

  2. We missed you Kaylyn! I hate when work gets in the way of fun. Next time....

  3. First of all, I'm totally loving the boots - both pairs. Yum!

    Secondly, I am dyyying to see these photo shoot pics! They're going to be gorgeous I just know it!! :)

  4. THANKS, lauren!! Your email last night inspired me to go look today and see what I could find, haha.

    Ha!- we shall see - he is veerrry talented and the scenery was just tadiefor. ;)