Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Ever Inspiring... K. Catrone :)

I read this book a while back and posted about it on my fake blog that I told about 2 people about... and I was just going through it again and thought I would share it with you all. It's very inspirational...." If You Have to Cry, Go Outside : And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You " - so hard to put down. I downloaded it on my kindle back in October and in the midst of reading it, I accidentally deleted it! DANG TECHNOLOGY!!!!!! Anywho, I love Kelly's outlook on life and I just think her words and her book are just so powerful and inspiring. You should give it a spin through if you a interested. 

Without further adieu.....

I think the best thing to do is just know that there’s a big difference between style and fashion, and that one doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the other. I think people should stop and get off the train. I think they should look at things, and they should sit like a king on a throne and let everything pass by them. They should practice the art of discernment, and they should do that with their dollar, and they should do it with their eye, and they should do it with their ear, and do it with their mouth, and they should do it with every one of their senses. And they should really sit there, and they should make up their own fucking minds. They should do it about government, and they should do it about their art, and they should it about their clothes, and about their music, about their foods. You decide. If you dig it, dig it. If it’s fashionable to you, then love it and celebrate it.


The whole book basically says that I think women have been programmed to the be the prettiest, skinniest, best girl, to be really skinny and wear pretty clothes and go to college and get a great degree and then come out and get a great job, and then find a guy and get married, and get pregnant and have a baby, and sorta live happily ever after. And my take is that doesn’t really allow for a lot of freedom for them figure out like, is that who they really are. And so, this is the book for like the village girl who doesnt wanna do things in the order that their mother said, like first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage. This is for the person who wants to find themselves and be who they are, regardless of their gender, and make the most of their life.


I’m a really big believer that we all have this voice inside of us, and that voice is God talking to us, and we are all magical, and we all have something as specific to do as our fingerprint. And everybody should go out and do that. And I think between the ages of 15 and 32, don’t worry about getting married, don’t worry about settling down, don’t worry about having a baby. Give birth to yourself.


You need to appoint yourself manager of your own personal brand. Don't blend in. People who are out making a difference in the world, are not like everyone else. Good brands are authentic, focused and consistent.

Later lovies.HB

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