Wednesday, June 29, 2011

:::Thank Heaven for Little Girls:::

Hi hi hi! Sorry I have been MIA - I have a good excuse though........ I was too busy becoming and AUNT! My sister and BIL had their baby on Monday afternoon and she is just the most precious, sweet little soul. I can't believe it. I am so proud of my sister.... she's my hero. 

I got a text from my brother in law at 5:30am on Monday, saying that Ava would be here today and to call when I got up. So... I called him at 6am... got all the details... and then immediately booked a flight to Kansas City. I was NOT going to miss this.. :) I got there around 2pm... I raced to the room and it was just sister, brett and nurse and she was in so much pain..... she said, " I hate to kick you out sister, but this is about to get bad.." - It's hard to see someone you love in so much pain. :( Also - it might have scarred me for life if I had stayed. :) SO PROUD OF YOU SISTER!!

Anyways, so I remember seeing her before she had Ava - right when I got to the hospital.... crazy pain... and then I saw the most beautiful sight about an hour later..... My sister sitting up in her bed with a giant grin {looking stunning, of course} and the most precious little lady in her arms. Needless to say, I completely lost it... :) She had an au natural birth plan and stuck with it and Ava came out just perfectly. Brett was a champ too - I saw a different side of him that I hadn't really seen.... he is going to be a most wonderful daddy. Congrats C & B... I can't wait to see you all soon... :) 

Doesn't get much better than that..... :)


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