Monday, June 20, 2011

Gorgeous Heido's & the Weekend

Happy Monday!! I had a most wonderful weekend.... got some mom and brother time in on Saturday... a friends gorgeous wedding on Saturday night.... my mama's waffles on Sunday morning.... and a pool day with my bf's family Sunday....I got to hold and see his new, precious, tiny niece and it made me really anxious and excited for little Ava Cate to come (2 weeks!!) 

photobooth photo from the wedding...

Below are her gorg-ma-gorg parents......... I found these photos that my BIL took and posted on his tumblr - I couldn't resist - I had to post on my blog. The photo below of my sister is now my screen savor at work and my background on my phone.... I LOVE IT! Even if it wasn't a photo of my sister I would still love it - and want to frame it somewhere... the whole composition is breathtaking. Brett's ain't bad either, haha. ;0) I hope these are both framed somewhere in your house Heido's. My BIL is photographer. I will post about him soon - he takes beyond beautiful photographs ( see below! ) xoxo c,b,a!

I hope you all had a great weekend and got to spend it with your dad. Mine was in Colorado riding bikes, so I didn't :( He was missed. Anywho - It's almost my after work nap time! :) Yay! HB

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