Friday, August 26, 2011


Good Greets ya'll! IT'S FINALLY FRIDAY! wooo hooo! Big plans this weekend? I have big plans... a super fun bachelorette party saturday, and before that.... Bob Schneider acoustic show tonight with my guuuuuurl Veronica. I don't know much of him, but what I do know of, I really like. :) Plus the venue is pretty incredible. And I love seeing musicians live with friends who are just SO OBSESSED with them... like, I want to see what he is all about because he just melts my friend V's heart and I'd like to see that! And hey.... I want my heart to melt, too. Here is a video just in case you don't know of BOB. Also, I hear he is funny. Bonus!

Next up is this group called, "Fang Island" - I just heard of them today from someone with a very good ear & taste {of or in} music.... so I gave it a go and I just love it. It is suggested that you listen to the album from start to finish... which I did and it's pretty captivating if I do say so myself...  and it gets better with every round. I think I'm on round 5. Give it a shot. Here are two of my favorites.

And last but most certainly not least.......... baby lady pics... :) 

"what's happenin ya'll?
 I'm just in the most relaxing  position ever, so what?
... just being a baby lady..."

Baby love. 2 month shots today for this tough girl! :) 

Have a fantastical weekend, ya'll! HB

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