Monday, August 15, 2011

A Guy That Can Dance.....

......... And has a north eastern accent. In this case, a Boston accent. WEAK AT THA KNEES...

So, last night I went to the movies with a few friendlies. "Friends with Benefits" - already seen it but I stuck around because I needed some junior mints. {We were there to see Horrible Bosses but they canceled the showing because they needed an extra theater for "The Help"} ANYWAYS.

So, a while back.... I think in college or something... so a few years ago, I was really into this show called, " Dance Life" on MTV. I LOVE watching people dance hip/hop really well. And the guys who dance really well and wear baggy sweatpants or bball shorts, baggy hoodies, high tops, and a flat bill/rim {whatever its called} cap.... well, they just take over a soft spot in my heart. :) SO, on the show I was like IN LOVE with this guy, Kenny. He has this THICK BOSTON ACCENT and dressed kinda thuggish, but like attractive thuggish... and ya know... I was into it. {haha} So, naturally, in my creepy way... I looked him up on youtube so I could watch him dance.... he has danced for Justin Timberlake, JLO, Christina Aguilera - so he is really talented. Here is a clip of him. 

Am I right? I mean.... if you aren't on you tube right now looking for more videos... YOU CRAZY! There was definitely a time when I would watch these vids all day. They are just mesmerizing. I LOVE this look on fellas. And I think the only appropriate way to describe him at this point would be,  "SOoOoO FINE!" Haha. 

K, so what brought this up? WELL. Last night at the movie they showed a preview for the remake of "Footloose" - now, does it look good? No, not especially. I hope it is though. But am I going to see it and probably own it? YOU BETTA BELIEVE IT! :) I had a mild freak attack last night when I saw him. I mean..... DANG. {Okay, I'm done.}

Footloose Trailer....

Alrighty :) Have a great monday!!! hb

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