Thursday, August 4, 2011

:::: Shake the Dust, YA'LL ::::

Happy Thursday... :) 

I hope everyone's week is going greatly and you are staying cool. I wake up everyday and tell TexAS to cool off but she doesn't listen to me. So rude. Oh well. Moving on.

Just got to work. Starting my day off much like I always do. Coffee, granola bar, water bottle, celebrity gossip, and design blogs. ;0) I have to start my day like this because it gets my mind going and fills it with color, confusion, sadness, happiness, inspiration, ideas, and caffeine.... all keys to a successful day of creating. Ha ha. =/ 

This is what that looks like.... 

{so last night....}

I saw "Crazy Stupid Love" and it was just soooo wonderful. You must go see it if you haven't. And, no... it's not a chick flick. I would say it's more like a family movie.... a mature family movie.  A family movie much like Dan in Real Life where you have to be older to relate and see life through your parents eyes. I loved it. Absolutely loved it. 

{more babies....}

I was looking at my BIL's facebook page yesterday and I came across these photos he took of my sister and baby A.... Love them & wanted to share. 

Walking around Lawrence....

My beautiful sister.
Nonna (Brett's mom) and I decorated the house for the Heido Homecoming.... :)

I took this of Brett about to change Ava's first diaper.... she was not a happy camper.

And here are a couple more scenes from my weekend at their house...

We dyed some onesies for baby lady....
We had to make one "tye-dye" one for when she feels like being a hippie baby.

Ava snuggled up to her daddy.... so precious.

And lastly........ My friend Josh posted this one his music website / facebook page.... Philly String and I am totally stealing it and putting it on my blog. I've had it on repeat all morning, and probably all day. You must watch this. It's absolutely beautiful & inspiring. {also, I am aware I may be like.... so late on this and everyone has already seen it.... story of my life. WATCH IT AGAIN! :) } 

Watch it. Love it. Pass it on. 

Have a wonderful Thursday, friends. {and} SHAKE THE DUST... :)

Peace, love, and all good things. HB.

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