Wednesday, August 17, 2011

silent shaking laugh / tunes / babies / bon qui qui

Hey Friendlies! 

So, last night a few of my great girlfriends came over for the {dun dun dun } SOMETHING BORROWED WATCH PARTY! My friend A.Rose summed up our night perfectly.... "carbs, wine, great friends, john krasinski, bon qui qui, what more could a girl ask for! =)" My friend Mariana was also just FULL of opinions throughout the whole movie. It was hilarious. Her observations told us that, "oh my gosh. I'm Kate Hudson," Kate Hudson has a double chin and looks fat, Ginnifer Goodwin is wearing a wig " That wig is AWFUL!", Ginnfer Goodwin has on terrible clothes " what ARE those shorts?", and Colin Egglesfield got hotter as the movie progressed, "Okay, I guess he is kind of hott....those eyes." Hahaha. I also sat by Mariana in the movie theater while we watched The Help. .. she did the same thing - lots of outspoken, normal volume conversation commentary.... not the normal, every once in a while "whisper to your neighbor" type thing... it's always full on front facing comments. I am having "silent shaking laughter" right now just thinking about it. Oh, M.... I love you. 

----- My counter was covered in yummy chips & dips & wine :) -----

----- .... cheese, ice animal crackers & twin cherries, too!! -----

----- kind of dark {but moody, right?} -----


My sister sent this to me today... :)

----- I love that baby girl soooooooooooo much. -----


......... and lastly, some tunes. 

----- Lisa Hannigan  I Don't Know -----

----- Glen Hansard / Marketa Irglova  Falling Slowly -----

----- Sufjan Stevens  Springfield, or Bobby got a shadfly caught in his hair -----

Bon Qui Qui - AND o m goodness.... SOOO FUNNY!!

"dont innerup. rude."

peacenblessinya'll. hb

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