Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Visiting My Little Lady Bug :)

Greetings YA'LL!

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend... I sure did. I got to see my little lovebug, my sister, friends and BIL. The weekend was full of chatting, eating, diet dr.pepper, Hershey kisses, fabric dye, steak, ava loving, mama napping, and auntie haley {me} bouncing and walking.... while saying, "bouncin' and walkin' and stretchin' and eatin', smilin' and swayin', sleepin' and tootin'" {all to the tune of the intro to "My Best Friends Wedding" of course....} (My dad would be so proud.... nerdy songs are flowing, dad.... I never knew this day would come... haha!)

Anyways, I am just in love with this copper penny haired, blue eyed little sweetie. I can't wait to see her in Colorado over Labor Day. Oh yeah, and the rest of my family of course! Here are a few photos and videos of the weekend. She had the hiccups 90% of the time.... hilarious. Oh yeah, and one of my favorite "Ava-isms" is she smiles after she toots... it's hilarious. 

Gorgeous gals.....

A couple more months and those cutie shorts will fit! haha, she is so tiny!

PS: This song is FANTASTIC. {Galley showed it to me, I think?!}

Alrighty, signing off. Have a great day!!!

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