Thursday, May 12, 2011

Getting my Biel on...

What a day, what a dizzzzzzle!

Last night a couple friends and I went to the Fleet Foxes show. Mucho grand time was had by all. Great conversation, music, and Skinny Girl marg cocktails. I started a video of one of my favorite songs of theirs,  and I'm looking at my phone screen and sure enough, 5 seconds into the song, some guy lights up an "unmentionable substance" right in my view! So, I would share but that may be inapprop. Here is a photo though. 

Fleet Foxes

 With concerts and good friendly conversations taking place, it's hard to want the night to end... so it lasted longer than a Wednesday night should....I stayed up too late.... very sleepy this morning. Anywho, thank goodness the weekend is almost here, right?!?! While searching for clothes this AM, feeling super sleepy, I remembered that I am running a 5K straight after work today. My first reaction was (and still kind of is, ha ha), " DANG IT!!!!!!!" but, I am looking on the bright side and my attitude is getting better as the day progresses. :) I'm excited to "get my Biel on" while running with my freens, eat yummy food after, AND THEN COUCH.MOVIE.BED.    

Jessica Biel is my girl crush. :)  I think she's fantastic and a real fitness inspiration. She's super fit and looks like a freaking greek goddess. When I lived at home and I'd be training for soccer, I would tell my parents " I'm going to get my Biel on" instead of saying I'm going to the gym or going running. My mom got a kick out of it and so it just stuck. I think it's a pretty good saying. YAY! 

Alrighty, well that is all for now.

'preciate ya. hb.


  1. DId you record any FF on your phone i hope?! gaw people lighting up the mj at shows are sooo silly!

    that bottom left photo of JB is WOW! BOOTYLICIOUS! i SO WISH i had purchased a tik for the fun run - 3 miles is about my max but with friends for motivation and fun-ness it'd be an ez 3 miles! DANG!

  2. Yeah, I will post it... its only 15 seconds long.

    Haha! She is bootylicious!! Yeah.... snooze ya looze!

  3. Two awesome nights in a row!! What a great time!