Monday, May 16, 2011

Bonnaroo Nerd Prep :)


Summer is so in the air. I'm ready for it - itching for it, actually. I spent the weekend with a fun dinner on the patio, an adventure to a brewery for a beer tour, laying out by the pool, birthday partying, pancake making, laying by the pool some more, chatting, Thunder hoping, making lentil tacos, and catching up on Modern Family. It was a beautiful weekend, both personally and weather-wise. I hope everyone had a splendid one as well. 

Well, I want to start with explaining how nerdy I am when it comes to live music. Usually when I have a show to go to, the day before or a couple days before, I look up the set list and I make a playlist with those songs on it - all so I can BE PREPARED to rock out. :::::::::::::NERD ALERT::::::::::::::: Bonnaroo will be a little different and a prep like that will be little too time consuming and most def put me on the loser list. Instead, I designed a schedule with all the people I want to definitely see (everyone does that, right!?!?!) Some sacrifices will be made, like...I love Ray Lamontagne but I have seen him twice this year and both times he didn't play any of the old stuff and it made me so sad. So, I am going to skip his show and go see Florence and The Machine. You gotta do what you gotta do. This list is just the base... I am sure my friends will want to go to different ones and I'm looking forward to being introduced to many musicians. I've seen most of the artists on my list anyway, so not seeing them wouldn't be the worst thing. It's all about the experience anyway. So : Here is my list!

Once I get more organized I will make an exciting "Bonnaroo Trip" post - but I have 23 days. So, sometime between now and then I will overwhelm myself and you with a serious post of all happenings and packing.That's all for now. 

Happy Monday!

'preciate ya. hb


  1. That's an awesome list! You'll have a blast!!

  2. O YEAH CANNOT WAIT!!! Quality vs Quantity is the name o the game at festies like Roo and ACL =/ I prefer a mish-mash of both!

  3. PS - the names of the stages/tents drive me 4LOKO!!! Try telling someone "I'm seeing Girl Talk at This Tent, see you there" - "wait which tent?" "No THIS TENT!" gets berry confusing.....