Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Thoughts and Cinco De Mayo!

I was talking with my friend Erin yesterday about summer plans and I found out that I actually have A LOT to look forward to from here on for the next few months. That's always a refreshing thought when you are kind of itching for an adventure or a vacation and you realize, daaaaaaaaaang, I actually have lots going on. Those itches usually come at this time of year. So to excite myself and remind myself of all the happenings that I have going on I decided to make a fun list of all the happenings coming up.

I will start with tonight.....

+ Cinco De Mayo / Aaron Karo Comedy show at the HOB

+ Ashley Rose 40's party / Cinco De Mayo Thompson Party

+ Mother's Day!!

+ Fleet Foxes show!!

+ Katy Trail 5k -- should have trained better for this =/

+ Mom & Dad 31st Wedding Anniversay <3 <3 <3

+ Memorial Day Weekend

+ Tour De Meers bike ride with my dad :)

+ Baby season!!

+ Bonnaroo Music Festival - Roadtrip! Camping! Music! Sun! Rain! Lovely people! 

+ Another gorgeous Tate baby arrives - Seth will become an uncle of 4!

+ Friend Wedding / Cousin Wedding

+ 4th of July

+ BABY AVA CATE HEIDEBRECHT ARRIVES!!! I become an Aunt this summer :) :) :) <3 These beautiful people are making that happen... can't wait! They are going to be the coolest parents... Ava Cate is one lucky lady.

+ Friends Wedding in PA

...........That's all I can think of right now... but that's already a lot to fit in to 3 months. And I am sure more concerts and activities will come up........... I am also just looking forward to many weekends of laying by the pool, biking out at White Rock Lake, grilling, chilling, and enjoying my friends and new friends and the unbelievably HOT Texas summer weather. 

Lots to be thankful for :)

Happy Cinco De Mayo!



  1. LOOOOOVE this post!!!! So fun! Also...your sister is GORGEOUS!!! LOVE that last pic of her...I cant WAIT to see how BEEEAUTiful Ava is!!! *yay* for being Aunts and welcoming lovely little people to the world!

  2. WHOAAA don't you have a full agenda lady! your mom's hair is 70's style epically awesome haha!