Thursday, May 26, 2011


Just a quick little update for the morning.... I have posters to design today for work.... so that must come first. But real quick....Two exciting things came in the mail yesterday.......... My "Kapha" Pratima face products AND my BONNAROO BRACELET!! I'm so pumped :) :) 

Just incase anyone who reads this is curious about the Pratima products, I want to share my first impressions... 

1. They all come in pretty glass packaging.... I felt so fancy and spa like. :) 

2. They all smell AMAZING! Well.... actually the herbal face wash smells VERY herbal, they were NOT kidding... it's like dirt, flowers, and veggies all in one. Which isnt bad... it's just different. It's in powder form and so you just get a pool of water in your hand and sprinkle about a quarter size amount in there and mix it together... so, you are creating your earthy, herbal mix yourself... its neat. So far, I am a fan! The essential oil smells soooooo stinking yum. I want it in perfume form.... it's hard to describe - but I know you would like it. The last product I got is the moisturizer.... it smells like lemon sunscreen with sunflowers in it. HOLY MOLY. It's dreamy. 

My friend Shilpa has her consultation today at 3 with Pratima.... I am soooo excited to hear what she has to say. Shilpa also showed me an iphone APP called "Food for Life" - it's really interesting... it gives you food plans and shows you which food ( fruit, grains, nuts, veggies, beans, meat ) is good for your specific dosha. Lots of options :) Just thought I would share.

BONNAROO TICKET / WRISTBAND!!! Yay!!!! Less than 2 weeks and my friends and I will be roadtripping to Manchester, TN..... watching live music, camping, dancing, socializing, getting sunshine, getting rain, and having so much fun!!! :) :) :)  

Be back later! hb.

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