Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Drive - In & Garth...... Brooks. :)

 Drive - In movies. My friends and I were talking about these a few days ago. Who doesn't love the "Drive-In" ?? I remember as a kid we used to get done swimming at the neighborhood pool and one of my neighborhood friend's mom would take us to the Drive - In in Guthrie. For some reason I am having flashbacks of a big thing of homemade popcorn, cry-babies, fun dip, lemon heads, sunkist, and a giant bucket of Bubble Gum. OMG. It's called DUBBLE BUBBLE! The kind you could get at the baseball games. Wow. New mission...FIND DUBBLE BUBBLE. {side note} Dubble Bubble also reminds me of softball practice in Elementary School.... Chisholm Charmers was our team name, ( which was of course airbrushed in red and white on our navy blue hats ) and we would practice at my school a few times a week.... my coach would always have a big bucket of DUBBLE BUBBLE down at the field... needless-to-say my sweet tooth got the best of me and I would immediately race out the door ( no need to change... because, duh... I was already in my gear! Hello, to the glory of soccer shorts, samba's and t-shirts everyday to school! ), down the hill to our practice field and get into that bucket of goodness. {end side note} So back to Drive - In's.... I want to go to one this summer. I've done some research and it looks like the possibility of that happening for me is about a 100%. So, "It's on" (in the Stu voice) - IT IS ON! :) So, gather your blankets, and pop the trunk - It's game time! Pop corn, sour straws, to-go food, sandwiches, cookies, beer, wine, soda, sunflower seeds, and DUBBLE BUBBLE are all invited to this party. Fill up your cars with your friends or your kids, or both and head to the Drive In for a DOUBLE FEATURE this Spring / Summer. Seriously... friends... let's do this. 

While I'm on the subject of back in the day, may I reintroduce.... GARTH. All this drive-in talk made me want to listen to him. His music always reminds me of the summer when I was younger. My sister and I would have all our girlfriends over for sleepovers and we would turn off all the lights in the house and BLARE Garth on the stereo in the living room and prance around with flashlights {as microphones} singing to "shameless" and "The Thunder Rolls" - just to name a few. I am going to take this moment to say thanks to my parents for putting up with that. We had a blast and they just wanted to sleep. There were some upset dad appearances in the wee hours of the night because the music was so loud.... at that point it became the movie portion of the night... :) 



Lastly........ Here are are some images I just found in my "SWOON" folder on my desktop. Most of these are from Desire to Inspire. Which you should click the link below and look everyday.... it's an everyday'r for me. 

That's all for now........ :)

GO THUNDER!!!!! hb


  1. Oh Haley. Thank you for the memory of the airbrushed "Chisholm Charmers" on the blue trucker hats. HAHAHA, cracking up about that.
    --sally b.

  2. haha!! yes, sally!!! those were the days!!! :) :)