Thursday, May 19, 2011


A young, Oklahoma guy died today. I didn't know him personally but it still makes me terribly sad. I can't say it enough, but life is so precious. Cherish it. It's so final. Have you ever just sat and thought about life and how much you have to look forward to? Any time I hear about someone dying - even if I know them or not, my heart sinks. I can't even concentrate at work anymore because news like that just makes me pause. Pause, reflect, wonder, and be sad for them, their family and their friends. Life can be over in a second - It's the one thing that's actually FINAL and it's probably the one thing that most people take advantage of. Don't waste your life and don't take advantage of the gift of life. Try and have a moment everyday where you can sit and think how great you have it. You're here, you're alive. Things may not be going your way, but you're breathing and that in itself is a blessing. Everyday you should wake up and feel blessed that you were given another day to walk on this Earth, another day to see or talk to you parents, siblings, friends and loved ones. Be thankful, ALWAYS. Do all that is in your power to have a beautiful life. Oddly enough, I posted this song lyric earlier this morning about life... here it is again. Reminds me of when I got in a car accident in high school and the last thing I remember hearing and singing before I found myself in my car sideways and car totaled was Jason Mraz's song .... " IIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIII, I won't worry my life away " - it's something I will never forget. Key into signs and coincidences and take them as a guiding light... because someone is looking out for you. 


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