Tuesday, May 31, 2011

ACE & Staycations


So Memorial Day Weekend has now passed us... :( and it's back to the grind for a few days. I hope you all had a moment of silence and thanked all the men and women who have and are serving our country and keeping us safe. THANK YOU! My weekend was great. It was exactly what I needed... started off with a 30 mile bike ride and then the rest of the weekend was spent relaxing - mostly on my parents couch watching movies, tv, napping, chatting, grilling, eating, etc. It was too windy to go kayaking :( but my dad said we would go next time. All in all a wonderful weekend. Now it's time to rest up and pack up for my next trip....... Bonnaroo. Yikes. I am getting anxious about what I should bring in order to survive. :) .... and be clean-ish... and smell decent.

Even though I was just on a vacay and soon will be on another one... I am ALWAYS dreaming about an escape with people. Some friends and I were talking about having a staycation here in Dallas sometime. Rent a few hotel rooms and stay there for a day / night... rule is - no one is allowed to leave.. unless of course it's to pick up some necessities for a good time. Just swim by the pool and lay out and just be on staycation. YES PLEASE!

However, a vacation to either, Palm Springs, Seattle, Portland, or New York City to stay at the ACE HOTEL wouldn't be bad either. I want to so bad! I love how unique the rooms are.   

I want to stay that an ACE HOTEL !!

My sister and brother n law stayed at the ACE HOTEL in Seattle - check out their experience photos... PS - he is an AMAZING photographer and so you should also check out his website http://www.brettheidebrecht.com/ 


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