Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Summer "Break"

Whoever this exists for still.......... good for you....... keep it as long as you can. I got my first taste of jealousy for summer freedom when I was at the mall today during my lunch break and I saw all these young girls walking in with jean shorts and tanks and I knew for sure they were either in high school or college AND on summer break. UGHH.... it's "so Dallas" of them to spend their afternoons at the mall. :) Just kidding, that was mean... I love the mall.... annnnd Dallas people. And since it's a gloomy kind of day... I will give them a free pass for staying inside. Seeing them frolic around with their posse's made me miss that feeling of freedom for 3 months. As a youngster I remember spending every waking moment outside playing sports, getting snow cones, going to the pool, chasing the ice cream truck/man/song around the block, sleepovers with my girlfriends and running around my neighborhood with friends... and then staying out playing "night games" Flashlight Tag and Capture the Flag. My street turned into a kid club or something... all the neighborhood kids would come up and we would play -- it was THE BEST. As a side note/question: Why do we get the sudden dyer need to go "number 1" when we are hiding during these games? It never failed.... great hiding spot and then it was like GAME ON for having to pee.... all that excitement I guess. 

My sister and I with the Buxton gals one hot summer 4th of July :)
Snowcones..... a Summer staple.

As I got older (high school) things didn't change much, we still hung out at the pool, but sadly everyone who played night games grew up .... instead my group of friends would always get together and play volleyball at lions fun park or hang out at someone's house watching movies or sitting out on the driveway having some good laughs and talking .... we were so cool, haha. Those were the good ole days. I miss that. When I moved off to Savannah, Georgia for college my summers turned into mostly training days so that I would be prepared for the grueling and dreaded pre-season of soccer. Still, it wasn't so bad.... wake up, workout for a few hours and then come home and lay by the pool. I only WISH that could be my routine now.... uhhhh, yes please! :) 

Which brings me to now. No more summer breaks.... EVER.AGAIN. :( 

C'est la vie, oui?

Okay, okay............ enough reflecting and pity partying....... I am a grown up now with a big girl job and I still get to have fun. I get to enjoy the pool on the weekends, go to concerts, enjoy the weekday evenings, hang out with my friends, hang out on the patio, etc. LIFE IS GOOD. and this SUMMER will be too. Here are a few photos from last summer.... my amigos and I out at the Jack Johnson concert......... by far my most favorite thing to do during the summer..... sit out on the lawn on a blanket with friends, dancing, singing, and soaking up all that good stuff :)


Blurry JJ

My summer essentials consists of:

+ 1 pair of light colored cut off jorts + 2 pairs of dark colored cut off jorts + tank tops + bare feet flip flops + wedge heels + bathing suits + a few tops + surf spray + pineapple + concert tickets + sunny weekends + refreshing pools + chick flicks + chick lits + and last but not least and most importantly..... good company. 
Also to add to my essentials ........ I am looking for a hat like this for Bonnaroo and other times of shady needs......

Vanessa H. has great style - I love all her clothes.

and a vacation here.......

Sun is shining. Weather is sweet. Make you wanna move your dancing feet. bob marley

'preciate ya. hb.


  1. Night games!!! Ahhhh fun... I miss summer nights like that. I remember fun times at the Bryant home, too!!! :)

  2. Haha, yes!! Good 'ole days :)