Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday's Looks & Counting Crows

Pools and beautiful backyard patios, leather bags, J.Crizzy bangles, tree swings, Dolly Python treasures, Summer fruit, my dinner last night (tofu & lentil tacos, sprinkled with hot sauce and feta cheese on corn tortillas), mustard yellow, and windmill farms.... which reminds me of drives my dad used to take my brother, sister and I on when we were lil kiddos. " Hey, who wants to go for a drive?!?!" My mom probably needed a break and my dad would take us out for long drives in his little blue car and we would look out the windows and he would read all the signs (crack up inside, I'm sure) because we were constantly saying " Daaaaaaaaaaaad, stooooop reading sigggggggns..." - I look back on that and smile - very fond memory :) We're lucky. <3  

Who else misses the Counting  Crows circa 1990's? You know, around the time when Abercrombie & Fitch was cool, before it turned hoochi and you could smell it from a mile away? I DO. Whenever I hear any of the songs from the older albums it always takes me back to middle school. My sister was in high school and had to leave for school before me, so as younger sister does, I would go and sit in her room in the mornings and watch her get ready. I miss those days. Everything I know about makeup / hair / fashion stems from those mornings with my sister and the Counting Crows... I was probably annoying her by starring as she sat on the floor by her mirror, curling her hair or putting her au natural make up on. The more I think about it though, it was like she was blaring CC as to invite me to wake up, walk down the hall and go join her, right sister?! Ha ha. I knew it. Anywho - I love the Counting Crows circa 1990's.... I miss them... which also makes me miss all things 90's.... Dawson's Creek, Felicity, Party of Five, 10 Things I Hate About You, Cruel Intentions, She's All That.... you get the point. Ugh, I need a 90's day. :)

Fav Album : August & Everything After 


1 - Back Patio


  1. SPOOOOKY! I LITrally just found my Best Of Counting Crows cd in the 6 disk changer this am and put it in and was reminiscing bout those years! SO LOKO you wrote them up today! I have chills!!!! A. Duritz is a great lyricist.........Murder of One from that album is one of the best

  2. Right, Jenn?!? I miss that show.

    Seth, this is LITrally BONKERS! Same book, same page!