Monday, May 23, 2011


Good Day, YA'LL! This afternoon I stumbled upon The Selby website. It's been a while since I last visited. I just LITRALLY freaked out...silently, with wide eyes, of course and I tried to compose myself while I looked at these outrageously mind-blowing homes and read these people's stories. I love The Selby because they tell stories of the people who actually own these homes. You actually get a feel for the people that created these homes - which I find VERY interesting and inspiring. I'm sure many of you have swung by The Shelby, but if not... YOU MUST. Below are some of my favorites I found today. Enjoy!! 
In love with those couches (orange with gray rug... swoon!) ........ that pool........... everything.  

This home is gorgeous-ly gorgeous. Loving the warm, light colored interiors and the love nook :) AND PATIO. WOWEE. 

Loving this rooftop patio... the colors, the antlers, the couch and just about everything else.

My heart seriously skipped a beat when I came across this home. I'M SERIOUS! Different colored wood, nothing fancy, full of color, art, nature, painting, love, cooking, play, pups, and patios. 


It rained HARD earlier............ not for very long.... but I thought it was going to come through the roof. wowsees. This is me standing in our front lobby looking at the dark, dark sky... wishing I was curled up on my couch with comfy clothes, a blanket, big cushy pillow, candles, and dawson's creek reruns... ( I need to get my fix soon ) - Ha! But, seriously. 


Here is a depressing photo from the weekend... comparing skin tone.... I am clearly the fairest. :( 

neat photo idea, seth. :)

Music choice of the day has been Bon Iver's Pandora station.... you can never go wrong with it. It's purty steady with good tunes. 

Below is a really inspiring interpretation I found of one of my favorite Bon Iver songs. It's sort of long but I think you would like it if you gave it a go.  Click the image to read it better. 

K, I'm off for the day! Yipee!! GO THUNDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hb.

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