Sunday, May 8, 2011

Love me some Carol B

Being a mom has to be the hardest, yet, most enjoyable thing in the world. I have no idea because I'm not a mom nor can I really imagine what being one would possibly feel like. I've heard having kids is like your heart walking around outside your body and that the love that a mother has for her kids is just unexplainable. An unexplainable love.... what an incredible feeling that must be. 

I think one of the things I got from my mom is her strong will. I don't even know if she recognizes it but that is one of the greatest things about her... second to her enormous heart. She is truly the most beautiful person I will ever know. I want to thank you, Mom, for everything.... marrying the most incredible man and father, for life, for Claire and John, for always putting everyone else first - even though you shouldn't have, for being the strongest woman/person through the hardest times that life can throw your way, for your incredible and giving heart, for visiting me in college, for coming to soccer games, for helping me with homework, for saving me when money got tight, for taking me to Taco Bell before kindergarden so I could get a tostada just like you, for staying up late and watching movies with me, for always having the pantry and fridge stocked with all our favorite things, for having all our favorite magazines and movies at home, for taking us shopping, and lastly, but not lastly, for being the most fantastic role model and for your unconditional love and never-ending support. You and dad made growing up the most precious gift in my life - I get that deep happy heart-ache feeling when I think about my childhood, our neighborhood, friends, vacations, life struggles, and its all because of you guys.... you gave everything to us - you gave us life - great, happy, sad, happier. Thank you for that. I love you, Mom, more than you will ever know. You are such a rock and I just think the universe and beyond of you. You make me excited to be a mom someday and take care of my kids like you have done with us. I love you forever.

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  1. This is possibly the sweetest thing I have ever read! Literally made me tear up about how amazing our mothers are and how often that is forgotten! They deserve every day of the year!