Tuesday, May 24, 2011

M & D & Memorial Day Weekend Plans

Good Morning!

Before I begin my day of blogging, I want to say a Happy Anniversary to my beautimous blue eyed parentals on their special day :) My dad gifted my mom a gorgeous red Jackson Kayak so they have plans to go do that and get dinner tonight - hopefully the weather will be nice for them. I think that is just adorable... I hope my mom enjoys it - I know my dad will! I plan on doing some of that next weekend while I am at home. Anyways, here is a little note and collage to celebrate their 31 year marriage. Here's to 100 more!! :) 

Now, I know most people go on vacation for Memorial Day weekend... or they go to the lake.... but this year... I am heading North with my gal Stephanie for some good ole Oklahoma fun. Here is a little "idea list" of things we plan on crossing out. It seems we have a pretty fun full weekend ahead!! :)  

See.... OK isn't all bad :) 

back in a bit. hb

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